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Shop & Sell Safely

Are you tired of meeting people in parking lots to buy and sell your used items? So were we and that’s why we created shopXchangeTM. Finally a platform that allows you to easily buy or sell items without meeting a stranger in public or worse, your house.
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Earn Money

We work hard for our money. Our “STUFF” has worth. shopXchangeTM makes it easy to recapture some of this money by renewing, reusing, and recycling.
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No Packing & Shipping

You no longer must worry about having to package or ship your item to sale. Who has the time? shopXchangeTM utilizes Xchange sites within the community to drop off your sold item.
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Confidential & Safe

No more sacrificing personal privacy every time you post something for sale online and no more feeling uneasy about meeting strangers to make the exchange. ShopXchangeTM makes it confidential and safe for you to post and exchange items sold.
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Xchange Sites

Local Xchange sites are utilized in the community to make the drop off and pick up of the sold item hassle free. This also helps give back to the community by supporting local business.
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Throwing money away?

We all have STUFF, things we paid good money for that we never use or don’t need anymore. From toys to tools, clothes to coffee makers, you probably have some STUFF you’re thinking of right now. You can give it away. You can donate it for a tiny tax write-off. You can put it away, out of sight and mind, promising yourself to deal with it another time. You could try to sell it on an app that requires you to package and mail the stuff, or list it on a marketplace server that offers no protection for you, or guarantee of payment.

You could throw away your stuff, but you know that’s a waste of money and stuff that someone else could really use.

With shopXchangeTM, you can recycle and take control of your stuff in 4 simple steps…
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Take a Photo of your item

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Post your item

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Select a shopXchangeTM site

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Make money 💰

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Download shopXchange now to start shopping and selling safely in your local area!
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