Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to drop off an item I'm selling?
Once you have a buyer, you have 16 business opening hours to drop off that item at the selected Xchange Site.
Can someone pick up or drop off an item for me?
Absolutely! Once you have an item confirmed, you can share the unique confirmation number with the person who will be picking up or dropping off the item.

For dropoff's it will be marked with a D and four digits e.g. D1234
For pickups, it will be marked with a P and four digits e.g. P1234
How does ShopXchange work?
Sellers list items for sale and select local sites called "Xchange Sites" that they're willing to drop the item off.

An interested buyer then chooses one of those Xchange Sites to pick up the item from and reserves the item.

The seller then drops off the item, and the buyer is notified to pick it up. Once the item is picked up, the seller gets paid via an online payment.
There are some details I'd like to know about an item that I can't see on the listing. How can I communicate with the seller?
We're keeping traders safe by limiting contact between them. For now, that means you won't be able to ask details, but we will soon be adding ways to request more information.
How long do I have to pick up an item I'm buying?
Once an item has been dropped off, you have upwards 16 business opening hours to pick up that item from the selected Xchange Site.
How does shopXchange make money?
ShopXchange charges a fee on all purchases that helps keep safe Xchange sites open and keep the app service flourishing. There's also a transaction fee charged for each card payment.
What happens if a buyer fails to pick up an item on time?
We give 16 business opening hours (about two working days) for buyers to pick up an item they've reserved. After that timeframe, the item can no longer be collected and the buyer is charged for the item.
What happens if a seller fails to drop off an item on time?
We give 16 business opening hours (about two working days) for sellers to drop off an item they've reserved. If they fail to do so, the buyer will be informed and the seller gets a "failed dropoff" stat attached to their account.
What if the item is damaged when I go to pick it up?
We ask that you read the description of the item carefully to make sure it wasn't described as damaged or in need of repair.

If you find that an item is clearly not as described or pictured upon picking it up, please inform the Xchange Site staff before you confirm the purchase.
If I purchased an electronic device, how can I ensure it works before I leave with it?
You'll be purchasing electronic devices at your own risk. You may or may not be able to test the device at the Xchange Site location, so we suggest vetting electronics listings thoroughly to ensure you can trust the seller. Remember, once you complete the transaction there are no refunds.
How do large item transactions work?
Only some Xchange Sites will transact large items. We've categorized a large item as anything that won't fit in a backpack.

When you show up at a site that takes them, you'll be responsible for handling the item in and out of the location.
What do I get for being an Xchange Site?
First, you get a 6% commission of every trade made through your site, so more dollars per square foot!

Secondly, you'll have additional foot traffic coming into your store regularly. They may look around or be open to booking a service while they're there.

Finally, we're working on allowing you to run ads for your business on the app. More to come on this soon!
How do I facilitate a dropoff or pickup?
You can facilitate a dropoff or pickup by pressing the "facilitate dropoff/pickup" button on the home page of the Xchange Site App.

You'll be prompted to enter a pickup or dropoff confirmation number which the seller or buyer should have available at the listing page in their app.

Enter the code and follow the prompts to complete the dropoff or pickup. Make sure you complete all the actions, otherwise the trade may not be complete.
Where do I put items once they're dropped off?
You can place items anywhere at your business, as long is they're safe and easily accessible when a buyer comes to pick them up. Just store them with the confirmation number and you're good to go.
How long will I need to keep items on hand?
Usually you'll have items at most for 16-32 business hours.

If for some reason an item is not as described and a buyer wants to reject the item, a further 16 business hours will be needed to allow the seller to come back and retrieve the item.
What's are business hours and how can I set them?
Business hours are the opening hours you set for your business to facilitate trades.

You can set these hours in your settings and choose to have specific days or times available. It's important that you set these hours for times when your business is actually open, otherwise traders will miss pickups and dropoffs.

Note that the more business hours you have available, the more likely you are to be selected for a trade and earn your commission.
How do I get paid?
When you sign up, you'll enter your bank details and we automatically set up an account for you on Stripe. You'll get paid out regularly or on demand and you can view your payment records and analytics on your new Stripe dashboard.
What do I do if a buyer rejects an item?
Sometimes buyers will inspect an item and find that it's different than described in the listing.

If you can confirm this is the case, press "there's an issue" on the item inventory page once you've looked it up on the Xchange Site App. Then choose "Item is not as described." Confirm and add a reason as feedback for the seller.

Once the item's been declined, the seller will have 16 business hours to retrieve the item.
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